Tuesday: Warmer and sunnier weather comes to Minneapolis forecast

We’re seeing our first major warm-up of the summer arrive in the Twin Cities this week, and we kick it off with some sun and temps in the lower 80s. We also get a break from rain for about 40 hours while we wait for our next rain chances.

Here’s a look at your Minneapolis/St. Paul 7-day forecast:

Looking ahead, we have a significant change in temperatures on the way – one best depicted by sharing the jetstream map heading into this weekend (the jetstream is essentially the river of air about 7 miles up in the atmosphere that separates colder air to the north from warmer air to the south).

That view above is a classic warm high pressure ridge in the jetstream. Hot air flows in from the southwest and heats us up into the 90s, with relatively dry conditions while the ridge lasts.

It’ll take some time to build that in, with shower chances Wednesday to Thursday, and then we start to see the jet pushed farther and farther north.

Stay tuned and start planning your hot weather escape for the weekend!

Aaron Shaffer About Aaron Shaffer
Follow Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer on Twitter. Aaron is a meteorologist who lives in Minneapolis and is the digital communications and social media associate for the nonprofit Avivo in Minneapolis. He is Ward 8's representative on the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee, Deep down he's a weather geek and has a degree in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences from UW-Madison to prove it. He's spent time working at TV stations in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa prior to arriving in Minneapolis to work for WeatherNation and now forecasting for MinnyApple. His favorite weather career moment came while storm chasing for his Iowa station (he went on 40+ storm chases during that time), when he saw a mile-wide EF-4 rated tornado.