Tuesday: Showers arrive in Minneapolis forecast

After a beautiful Monday in the Twin Cities, our forecast turns a bit rainier for Tuesday – with showers arriving by midday and scattered throughout the afternoon/evening.

Here’s the radar view as of 6:30 a.m. this morning:

You can see a blob of light rain headed right for eastern MN, and it should arrive in the metro area as well.

Looking at the future radar for around 10-11 a.m. you can start to see those showers arrive:

They’ll be light and scattered as they initially arrive, with the potential for some more moderate showers as we enter into the afternoon:

See that yellow blob in the image above? That’s you’re heavier rain zone, and that starts to show up in the computer models by around 2-3 p.m. this afternoon.

After that we’ll start to wind down, with a few more showers wrapping south from northern MN throughout the evening and into the early hours of Wednesday. Then we only reach up to around the 60 degree mark for Wednesday’s high temperature, before rebounding nicely for the weekend.

Stay tuned!

Aaron Shaffer About Aaron Shaffer
Follow Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer on Twitter. Aaron is a meteorologist who lives in Minneapolis and is the digital communications and social media associate for the nonprofit Avivo in Minneapolis. He is Ward 8's representative on the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee, Deep down he's a weather geek and has a degree in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences from UW-Madison to prove it. He's spent time working at TV stations in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa prior to arriving in Minneapolis to work for WeatherNation and now forecasting for MinnyApple. His favorite weather career moment came while storm chasing for his Iowa station (he went on 40+ storm chases during that time), when he saw a mile-wide EF-4 rated tornado.