Man Rescued after Driving over Mississippi Riverbank

Provided by Minneapolis Fire Department

At 8:18 am on December 27, the Minneapolis Fire Department responded to a call to perform a technical rescue for one male victim who had driven off of West River Road and over the bank of the Mississippi River. The car had fallen approximately 200 to 250 feet before becoming trapped by large trees near the river’s edge. Two Minneapolis Public Works employees discovered the accident, investigated and called 911. The patient had reportedly been in that position since approximately 5:15 am. Crews assessed patient and treated for possible hypothermia/frostbite. Crews also applied a cervical collar to protect from possible spinal injury. The rescue crew used a rope lowering system to move the patient down to the river bank where he was brought to paramedics, via airboat, who were waiting at the boat launch. The patient was then transported to an area hospital.



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