Sunday: Shower chances today in Minneapolis, plowable snow this week

We’re watching some rain and light thunderstorm chances today in the Twin Cities and Minnesota – and what’s probably more interesting for people is a snowstorm chance later this week.

Here’s a look at your Minneapolis 7 day forecast, including that storm:

Let’s talk briefly about the shower/storm chances for today in the area. Here’s the radar view as of Sunday morning, with a slow-moving batch of showers as of about 8 a.m.:

As we head through the day, we’ll see the first chances for showers/storms overhead in the early afternoon:

That map above is the future radar for about 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. this afternoon, showing a broken line of showers moving toward the metro area. There’s a chance at this point that a few isolated showers will actually make the journey.

By 2-3 p.m. the chances for showers or storms increase, but we also see the impulse of energy creating the storm chance starting to slide east, taking its rain chances with it.

After any afternoon/evening showers, we dry out for Monday and Tuesday, even though cooler air moves in by Tuesday. Monday looks like one of the better spring days we’ll see in a while, thanks to an impending spring/winter hybrid storm system that moves in Wednesday to Thursday.

Here’s the future radar as the storm system begins to move in Wednesday. This is the American long-range (GFS) model, where the European (ECMWF) model slows the snow chance down and focuses it on Thursday:

It seems that whether it’s the GFS or the ECMWF, we’re still looking at plowable snow centered around Thursday, and at this point that’s the day I’m going to focus on.

The GFS is putting out some significant possible snowfall tallies, as well, over the course of this storm:

That’s showing a range in southern/central MN of 6-7 inches of snow on the lower end to close to 20″. In mid-April. Does that remind you of another storm we saw a year ago?

Spring storms always carry much more moisture than cold weather/winter storms, as there’s just more to work with in the atmosphere. There’s still a chance the changeover takes a bit longer, and we cut those totals in half. For now, make plans for a pretty snowy day on Thursday and stay tuned!

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