Saturday: Sunny and ready to melt in Minneapolis forecast

It’s set to be sunny and mid-30s today in the Twin Cities, and you know what that means. We’re essentially at about the same sun strength as we’d be in early-mid September, which means more direct light… and more melting.

If you’ve been watching, you might have noticed our wet period this week resulted in a significant loss of snow depth. As of yesterday, we’ve shed about 12 inches of snowpack (some of that, I’ll grant, was turned from thicker snow into ice, which doesn’t help our cause). With 6-8″ of snow depth left to go in the metro, and warmer temps not quite here, the sun will have to do most of the melting between now and our larger warm-up.

Here’s a look at that long-term 7 day forecast for Minneapolis/St. Paul, which includes the potential for our first 50° day of 2019:

While the computer models differ on just how warm it’ll get by the end of next week, one thing they agree on is that it’ll be warmer.

How warm are we talking? I’d guess we’ll be somewhere between about 46 and 55 degrees next Friday.

Looking ahead, one thing conspicuously absent is more precipitation. We don’t have any larger snow or rain chances over the next week, which will be a nice break. Tomorrow we see a little impulse of energy come through that’ll make us cloudy and give us a chance of flurries.

You can see those flurry chances in the image above, circled. They shouldn’t amount to anything more than a dusting. We’re right on the eastern edge of the jetstream, and that opens us up to quick little cloud/snow/rain chances.

By midweek the jet shifts to the east of us, and that’s when we get sunny and warm. I’m ready. Stay tuned!

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Follow Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer on Twitter. Aaron is a meteorologist who lives in Minneapolis and is the digital communications and social media associate for the nonprofit Avivo in Minneapolis. He is Ward 8's representative on the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee, Deep down he's a weather geek and has a degree in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences from UW-Madison to prove it. He's spent time working at TV stations in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa prior to arriving in Minneapolis to work for WeatherNation and now forecasting for MinnyApple. His favorite weather career moment came while storm chasing for his Iowa station (he went on 40+ storm chases during that time), when he saw a mile-wide EF-4 rated tornado.