Monday: Major winter storm looking likely for Minneapolis

We stay warm today in the Twin Cities forecast, with temperatures jumping to the middle 60s. You’d never guess that later this week, a winter storm is brewing that has the potential to give us more than a foot of wet, sticky, snow.

Already, there’s a winter storm watch issued as of Monday morning for western Minnesota and portions of the Dakotas:

Expect those blue shades above to gradually spread east, likely over the Twin Cities – but with a few days for exact details to change. Here’s the storm system in question, below:

Note that area of low pressure, centered over Nebraska in the early stages (the “L”). That’s the center, and as it slides northeast, the storm system draws down cold air and the northern half of the storm looks to have enough cold air to produce snow, rather than rain (see the blue in the image above, which indicates).

So what does that all mean, at this point? Unfortunately, for Minnesotans ready for a real spring, it’s looking similar to last year’s storm system.

How much like last year’s storm? Well, here were the forecast snowfall totals from that storm system just before it hit. You can see that I didn’t believe it’d be all snow (we got close to 15″, instead of 5-8″ – read that old forecast here):

Last year’s major April winter storm forecast – which was a weekend storm.

So what are we looking at for this new storm system? Here’s the GFS snowfall forecast, assuming we end up with a wet snow:

Forecast snowfall totals via American long-range GFS model, through Friday. Image via

Last year’s blizzard in April ended up tallying 15.8 inches of snow, which moved to #12 on the top 20 snowstorms list.

This storm system has the moisture (questions remain about the cold air) to produce something equal to, or greater than, last April’s storm. Those aqua shades of snow in that map a couple paragraphs up show anywhere from 10-12″ of snow to 32″ of snow. We’ll see how this all develops over the coming days. Stay tuned!

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