Friday: Rain and rain/snow mix coming to Minneapolis

Despite a couple of beautiful spring days across the Twin Cities and in Minneapolis, winter doesn’t quite want to let go of us yet.

Thankfully, colder weather arrives in a more spring-like fashion, with mostly rain – followed by some rain/snow or wet snow on the tail-end of a storm system.

Here’s the future radar – showing the basic setup for tonight, as we head into what’ll be a chilly and wet Saturday. The center of low pressure for this storm located on the border of South Dakota/Nebraska:

It looks disheveled. It’s a baby storm. Unfortunately, its energy is moving quickly, and couples with the jetstream (ask if you want to know more) and that helps the storm grow quickly. If you go between that image above and this next one, things change quickly:

That image above is just 8 hours later – and shows a well-developed low, with moderate rain, and possibly a heavy rain/snow mix (or a slim possibility of briefly all snow – a coating on grass/cars in south Minneapolis could be possible) by 9 a.m. over the Twin Cities. You can see that shade of blue on the northern edge in central MN – that’s possible model-indicated snow. It’s going to be close.

As our storm races south, colder air races south as well – which could bring accumulations as far north as just south of the Twin Cities. Take a look at this snow forecast from the National Weather Service:

That’s a winter storm watch, with 6″+ snowfall possible for some folks in southern MN, including near Rochester and Mankato.

Finally, the storm starts to move away by Saturday evening:

Then we clear up a bit for Sunday, with partly cloudy skies by evening – and temperatures that are still well below average, by about 20 degrees, but at least show improvement.

Looking ahead, we snap out of this colder trend over time – but not until what’ll likely be next weekend. Stay tuned!

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Follow Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer on Twitter. Aaron is a meteorologist who lives in Minneapolis and is the digital communications and social media associate for the nonprofit Avivo in Minneapolis. He is Ward 8's representative on the Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee, Deep down he's a weather geek and has a degree in Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences from UW-Madison to prove it. He's spent time working at TV stations in Wyoming, South Dakota, and Iowa prior to arriving in Minneapolis to work for WeatherNation and now forecasting for MinnyApple. His favorite weather career moment came while storm chasing for his Iowa station (he went on 40+ storm chases during that time), when he saw a mile-wide EF-4 rated tornado.