Colder than North Pole in Minneapolis forecast

Weather is set to become significantly cold in Minneapolis forecast

Now that we have snow on the ground (it seems like we ended up on the lower side of totals, but still picked up 5-6″ of snow around the metro) it’s time to jump right into the cold weather discussion, as some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in Minneapolis since the ’90s is on the way.

For starters, Tuesday night’s air mass overhead will be about 36° colder than that over the North Pole. Yes, the North Pole who has a prominent resident that drops off presents at kids’ houses one night a year. As that air mass rolls in on Tuesday, we’ll see our temperature plunge to -12 or -14 by dinner time, and keep falling from there.

Check out this map, where we’ve indicated both the locations (the North Pole and Minneapolis) circled in yellow:


In case you can’t see it, that’s -4.9° a mile up in the atmosphere over the North Pole, and -41° over Minneapolis (the blue flag). That’s just ridiculous.

So, we might as well take a peek at the 7-day forecast for Minneapolis/St. Paul:


I can’t imagine that I’ll ever create a 7-day forecast for Minneapolis/St. Paul that’s this cold ever again, and certainly never have before. Thankfully, we’re rewarded with warmer temperatures after this week for the weekend… even though it’ll be cloudy and there’s a chance some of this fresh snow that’s too cold to “use” this week will be tainted by a rain/snow mix.

We’ll have more on all of that in the coming days. For now, stay tuned!

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