Rain and Snow: Thursday’s Minneapolis 7-day weather forecast

Snow turns to rain turns to snow in Minneapolis forecast

We’re entering the rain phase of today’s storm system, if you’ve been keeping score in the Twin Cities. I flew back from Chicago last night and heard a number of Minnesotans in the airport(s) talking about this system.

Here’s a look at the radar view as of 7:19 a.m. this morning:


That’s happening is that blob over the Twin Cities is moving almost due north, as the larger system swirls moisture in that direction. You can see some separation between the northern batch of precipitation overhead and the blob in southern Minnesota, which will also eventually move in.

More on that momentarily. First, here’s a look at your Minneapolis 7 day forecast and St. Paul 7 day forecast:


Let’s talk a little more about today’s forecast. You can see in the image below the broad scale of this storm system, with impacts currently over Texas all the way up to the Hudson Bay of Canada:


That arrow in the middle of the nation indicates a path warm air is taking – also, at least for some people, it’s the “dry slot” where there isn’t any precipitation. That’s not the case for us, but we *are* seeing lighter precipitation.

Looking ahead, if you look at that western batch of heavier showers (seen over Nebraska/South Dakota above), that’ll eventually work its way over the Twin Cities – and that’s also our next chance for any snow accumulations.


You can see one batch of heavier precipitation toward 7 p.m. tonight that I circled – that most likely will still come as rain – but to the north could fall as snow, so for folks in the northern suburbs and travelers, that’ll be an important time to watch as this storm starts heading east and away.

We’ll see the precipitation over the Dakotas wrap in overhead in Minneapolis/St. Paul as we head overnight and into Friday, but also as moisture dries up – eliminating most accumulation potential. We’ll be left with a slushy mess that’ll freeze quickly as our temperatures plunge all day Friday down to 5 degrees by evening.

Looking much further ahead, toward NYE, our New Year’s forecast is pretty cold. We’ll see another day of falling temperatures on New Year’s Day – eventually down below zero. Thankfully the actually night of New Year’s Eve will be a little warmer – in the teens. But there have been variations on that temperature trend… so don’t be surprised if suddenly you see below zero temperatures showing up. Stay tuned!

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