Snow on the Way: Saturday’s Minneapolis 7-Day Weather Forecast

Accumulations of snow on the way for Minneapolis forecast

I’ve been away for a few days, and came back to a snowstorm on the way to the Twin Cities. Our forecast calls for inches – even though before I’d left (if you look back at earlier in the week’s forecasts) the storm had shifted south.

First, here’s a quick look at totals and your extended Minneapolis 7 day forecast (and St. Paul 7 day forecast):


What’s starting to shake out is two phases of snow from this system.

Phase I will arrive around 2-3 p.m., after some light snow showers earlier than that. Here’s the early snow showers on future:


When you look at that image below, and see that heavy purple/orange shade in southern Minnesota, that should raise some alarm. What’s happening is it looks like that wave will move north, but also be falling apart simultaneously as it treks to the Twin Cities.

That doesn’t mean we won’t see some decent accumulations from that initial wave, though, as that’s when it looks like we’ll pick up our first 1-2 inches out of this system in short time:


By 4-5 p.m. that initial wave will have fallen apart/moved north, and will leave us with probably 2″ total snowfall in the metro area (you can see the intensity is down in the circled area vs. the image just above that).

Then we switch to a lighter period that leads into Phase II, which will conclude our accumulations. Phase II of this storm will basically be a reboot of the snowy period. You can see later in the evening snow showers start to dwindle:


But you can also see pockets of snow that are more moderate (dark blue vs. lighter blue) elsewhere in the region, and even some spots in the Twin Cities still.

Then we see more moderate snow cycle back by around 5 a.m. tonight, and that still lingers into Sunday morning:


All in all, I’m expecting more than 3-4″ of snow in the Twin Cities (maybe about 5″) – but it’ll compact due to the length of the storm to around 3-4″ of snow. How about that?

Here’s the forecast totals map:


You can see that the brunt of this system will be felt in southern Minnesota, nudging up into the Twin Cities. It wouldn’t surprise me if by Sunday we see totals of 2-3 inches in the northern suburbs and 5″ or more in the southern suburbs, with Minneapolis and the MSP airport measuring close to 4″ of snow.

Stay tuned and stay safe!

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