Thanksgiving Week Forecast: Minneapolis 7-Day Weather Forecast

Looking ahead toward a Thanksgiving warm-up in Minneapolis forecast

It’s all about the jetstream in Minnesota in the fall or in spring – that’s what governs our warm-ups and cooldowns. With 20s and 30s yesterday and today, it’s important (at least for me) to understand why that’s happening. Here’s a quick overview of the jetstream setup today through tomorrow:


So what are you seeing in that image above? There’s a tropical jetstream down toward Florida and the SE – and then we have our own (this time of year) aimed right over the Great Lakes.

When you’re north of, or under, the jetstream, that’s when you’re likely to be cold or close to cold this time of year. When the jetstream is north of you, that’s when you’re likely to be warmer.

Guess what? That’s what’s about that happen as we head toward Thanksgiving, at least for 1-2 days. Here’s the jetstream forecast by Wednesday:


I circled the blue area – the area of low wind. That’s where you’re essentially “not in the jetstream.” That’s not exciting, and that’s exactly what we want for the busiest travel week outside of Christmas week in the United States.

Looking ahead, then, how does that translate into a 7-day forecast? Here’s a look at your Minneapolis 7 day forecast (and St. Paul 7 day forecast):


You can see that as we start to cool back down, heading into Friday/Saturday, that’s when we’ll see our next precipitation chances (outside of flurries today and light snow in northern MN today). Stay tuned!

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