Rainy and Cool: Monday’s Minneapolis 7-Day Weather Forecast

Cloudy for the Twin Cities Marathon – and rainy today in Minneapolis forecast

If you noticed a conspicuous absence of forecasts lately, it’s in part because I was training for the Twin Cities Marathon (my first ever marathon) and finished yesterday. It was cloudy and cool, which is considered to be ideal for running that kind of distance.

Now, we’ve see a drastic shift in the conditions, to a much more wet and rainy period – one which could see us with 2-4″ or more rainfall between Monday and Wednesday.

Here’s the radar view as of 9 a.m. Monday:


More and more light showers are forming and/or sliding north, toward us in the Twin Cities metro area – a trend that looks to continue in some form for the next couple of days.

Here’s a look at your Minneapolis 7 day forecast (and St. Paul 7 day forecast):


One key thing to note is the frost chances Friday morning. Right now it seems likely, so plan on covering plants or just giving in to October.

Back to the rain… So looking at the rain chances over the next 24 hours or so, it seems as though we’ll dodge a figurative bullet with the heaviest rain in this round. Here’s the forecast radar for tonight as we close in on the overnight hours:


SE Minnesota could end up on the receiving end of some significant rainfall overnight into tomorrow, while we continue to see light rain in the Twin Cities that’ll more gradually add up.

By tomorrow morning we’ll see lighter rain:


There’s a chance we could see heavier rain (similar to what SE MN will see tonight) tomorrow night, but for now that isn’t a sure thing. Either way we’ll likely pick up a couple inches of rain out of this system, before clearing out and cooling off Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned!



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