Wednesday’s Minneapolis 7-Day Weather Forecast

Intense heat in Minneapolis forecast, followed by storms

We have a pretty interesting weather day coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul, with intense heat making things dangerously hot for the day followed by the potential for thunderstorms later on.

Heat index values could push up to 100 degrees or hotter, which pushes it into the dangerously hot levels. Here’s a look at your Minneapolis 7 day forecast (and St. Paul 7 day forecast):


Let’s talk storm chances for a moment, shall we? Tonight we’ll start to see storms forming to the west by around the evening commute time – and by “west,” that could mean as close as the western suburbs. Those storms could move into the Twin Cities by around 6-7 p.m.:


Once the evening round of storms passes through, things will quiet down overnight for us – while a line of storms blasts through northern Minnesota and progresses south… and that’s where our next chances for storms comes from:


By the time that line of storms above gets to the Twin Cities, it’s pretty broken up – but we could still see a few stragglers out there on the western edge, so don’t be caught off guard by rain.

Fast-forward toward Thursday evening, and you’re looking at another chance for storms:


As you can see, just the next two days are looking quite action-packed, and it doesn’t really get any more calm after that until we get all the way to early next week. Monday and Tuesday the temperatures and humidity drop to a much more moderate level, and we’ll see sunny skies. Stay tuned!


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