Monday’s Minneapolis 7-Day Weather Forecast

Another snowy spring Monday in Minneapolis

We’re done with the spring snow in Minnesota and the Twin Cities… for now. Here are the snowfall totals from the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, as of 1 a.m. this morning:

1-2″ of snow around our area is definitely a common sight – but thankfully you’re going to see temperatures in the middle to upper 30s today that’ll at least clear away most roads and sidewalks.

Here’s a look at your Minneapolis 7 day forecast (and St. Paul 7 day forecast):


Let’s talk about the warming. First of all, it’s about time. Our average high temperature in the Twin Cities right now is 54°. At this point, we need to break this cycle of cold air and improve at all… and that’s what happens Wednesday and Thursday.

You’ll note that we cool off again for the weekend, which is unfortunate… but we still see another warmer surge coming in after that. So the timing is bad, but we’re still on track.

Back to the cold today vs. the warming by Wednesday. Here is the temperature map for temps about a mile up in the atmosphere today, at 10 a.m.:


We’re stuck right in the thick of the cold air across not just Minnesota, but the entire Midwest. By Tuesday we see warmer air (see those greens/blues to our west?) slipping slightly east, and then by Wednesday we see the greens move directly overhead.

Here’s the future temperatures map by Wednesday:


It’s unfortunate that we can’t just keep that map above as our new baseline… but that’ll likely be the case eventually.

First, we’ll see the warmth hang around until Thursday night/Friday, when we get another storm that pulls down cold, Canadian, air and drops our temperatures for the weekend… and, yes, we could very well see some minor snow accumulations again.

Stay tuned!

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