Crooked Dice Plays the Shane Anderson Art Gallery in Uptown

(Above) Crooked Dice play the Shane Art Gallery in Calhoun Square, Uptown  (Video by Matthew McIntosh, Photojournalist) recently invited the Minneapolis-base band Crooked Dice to play the Shane Art Gallery in Calhoun Square. With the help of Photojournalist Matthew McIntosh we now bring you video directly from that live event to our website. The gallery offered the unique music space to highlight local artists in Minneapolis and a chance for Crooked Dice to play out of their usual stage element. We hope you enjoy this video and if you’d like to catch the band live or the artist, see them at their upcoming events listed below.

Crooked Dice music

Crooked Dice is blues and classic rock with a progressive edge based in Minneapolis. Members include Mike O’Malley – guitar; Brett Mousseau – bass; Gypsy Scott, drums; Joey Flip on Guitar.
"It's a Doggy Dog World" by Shane Anderson

Detail from “It’s a Doggy Dog World” by Shane Anderson

Artist Statement: Shane Anderson

My art is colorful, vibrant, lively, filled with interesting details and above all, fun. I take bright colors and bold forms to create works of art that invite exploration and spark conversation. They are a collection of characters, destinations and landmarks that as a whole depict a series of separate, but interconnected scenes. However, each of these individual figures and scenes in a painting portrays a small, specific facet of the overall experience. My art draws on both graphic illustrations and cartooning techniques while also maintaining the level of expressiveness and rigor found in fine art painting. The shadowing, modeling and brush strokes are intergrated with clean, sharp lines showing bold colors. These characteristics carry an urban quality. The techniques create a sense of narrative, as well as separating individual characters in such a way that it makes them feel as if they are leaping off the canvas. The Shane Anderson Art Gallery is located in Calhoun Square, 3001 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis.

Other artists featured in the Shane Anderson Art Gallery are Josh Laucher, Andrew Stemig, Aimy Stemig, Lisa  Rudolph, James Rudolph, Sean McKenna, and Marjorie Rose.

Opportunities to see these artists in person

Shane Anderson at “Inside the Uptown Art Fair”
March 4, 5:30pm-8pm
Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel, 2901 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis 
Crooked Dice
March 5, 9pm
Vieux Carre, 408 St Peter St, St. Paul

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