THEATER REVIEW: ‘Girlhood’ at the Fringe Festival


Through August 9 at Mixed Blood Theatre

By Morgan Halaska

You have to commend Hailey Colwell for baring it all in her production Girlhood, in which she actually reads from the diary of her 11-year-old self (the writer of the show is credited to 11-year-old Hailey and 21-year-old Hailey). The journal “young Hailey” reads from was kept between ages of 11 and 15 growing up in St. Paul, starting in 2005. It ranges from the mundane (we won our basketball game!) to learning how to deal with the loss of her mother (“I miss my Mommy. I feel that I will write that many more times.”). It feels real, because it is real.

The show plays out like a split-screen: going back and forth between young Hailey and high school/college/post-college Hailey. It draws comparisons between the various Haileys in different times in her life, and also where she lost her drive to be an author, or maybe actress. It’s something a lot of us can relate to—the dreams you have as a child, and the reality of achieving those dreams (it’s too hard). The show felt busy at times with size of the cast; it would’ve been more effective to leave it to the audience to imagine the scene. But that shouldn’t deter you from seeing Girlhood.

Show Times

Girlhood at Mixed Blood Theatre
1501 S. 4th St.
Thursday, 8/6, 8:30pm; Sunday, 8/9, 2:30pm

The Minnesota Fringe Festival runs through Sunday, August 9.

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