As Easy as 3-1-1

Reporting issues to the City is now even easier

By Colleen Steppa

home-311-logoSick of that pothole on your block or broken streetlight? Minneapolis has made it even easier to report non-emergency issues such as these with the use of their 311 app. Residents can upload pictures to the app, and GPS pinpoints the exact location of the reported issue. Users can make an account to track their reports and receive updates on progress being made. The app even has a newsfeed beneath their main menu where users can see and comment on the reports made by others as well as when these were acknowledged by the City. Most reports are acknowledged within 1 to 2 days.

The app has plenty of other features to help Minneapolis residents with daily concerns. The “Property Info” area allows users to check the rental history of their unit, complete with license renewal dates, while the “Housing Issues” feature allows residents to report possible code violations. There are links to Minneapolis’s garbage services, animal control, and a search feature for impounded vehicles. The “City Jobs” section links straight to job postings for the City of Minneapolis, so app users can create their online application and submit it directly from a mobile phone.

The app also includes information about the Community Indicators Project, which was adopted by Minneapolis last year to establish goals for the City that reflect the needs of the community. The Community Indicators Project used crowdsourcing to allow community members to contribute themes within the Project’s broader goals, and intends to use these themes to develop measures of goal progress. The City’s broader goals are:

  • Living Well: Minneapolis is safe and livable and has an active and connected way of life
  • One Minneapolis: Disparities are eliminated so all Minneapolis residents can participate and prosper
  • A Hub of Economic Activity and Innovation: Businesses – big and small – start, move, stay and grow here
  • Great Places: Natural and built spaces work together and our environment is protected
  • A City that Works: City government runs well and connects to the community it serves

Voting is currently disabled on this project, but responses from the community can be viewed via the 311 app or at

More information on this initiative and the City of Minneapolis’s goals can be found at

The 311 app is available for free for Android and Apple users, and non-emergency reports can still be made by phone at 612.673.3000 or 612.673.2157 for TTY/TDD customers. Minneapolis’s 311 website can be reached at and includes more features such as snow emergency schedules.

Users are still encouraged to call 911 with immediate emergencies such as fire, serious injury, or violent crimes.

Where to report for other types of neighborhood concerns

Business complaints – The Better Business Bureau has an online system to file complaints against businesses over discrimination and legal issues

Homelessness – St. Stephen’s Human Services is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that helps homeless people.  If you see someone sleeping outside, call 612.874.0311 or email [email protected] so they can receive help.

Local resources such as food banks, homeless shelters, clothes closets, and more can be found in St. Stephen’s 2015 Handbook of the Streets, PDF version found here –

Abuse/Neglect – If you suspect abuse or neglect occurring to someone of any age, you should make a report to the county where that individual lives.

Adult Protective Services

Ramsey County – 651.291.6795

Hennepin County – 612.348.8526

Beginning July 1, the new Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center will provide one toll-free number for the general public to use. Until then, calls are made by county.

Child Protective Services

Ramsey County – 651.266.4500

Hennepin County – 612.348.3552

Beginning July 1st, 2015, the new Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center will provide one toll-free number for the general public to use.  Until then, calls are made by county.

More information on child and adult protective services, like when to make a report, can be found here


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