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By Wendy Schadewald (Rating system: 4=Don’t miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it)

“Capernaum (aka Chaos)” (NR) (3.5) [Subtitled] — After a tenacious, street-savvy, bitter, angry, 12-year-old Lebanese boy (Zain Al Rafeea) runs away from his neglectful, abusive, poverty-stricken parents (Kawthar Al Haddad and Fadi Kamel Youssef) and God knows how many siblings in the horrific slums of Beirut in the touching, factually inspired, disturbing, heartbreaking, gritty, well-acted, critically acclaimed, 130-minute film, he is befriended by a struggling. kindhearted Ethiopian cleaning woman (Yordanos Shiferaw), who has an adorable infant son (Boluwatife Treasure Bankole) and also has no identification card and eventually ends up with a 5-year prison sentence for stabbing the manipulative shopkeeper husband (Nour El Husseini) of his innocent 11-year-old sister (Haita ‘Cedra’ Izzam) and sues his parents for bringing him into this hellish world.


“A Dog’s Way Home” (PG) (3) [Thematic elements, some peril and language.] — After a case manager (Jonah Hauer-King), who works with his Army veteran mother (Ashley Judd ) and girlfriend (Alexandra Shipp) at the Denver VA hospital, takes his adorable, loyal dog ( voiceover by Bryce Dallas Howard) to New Mexico to protect her from a vindictive developer (Chris Bauer) and a mean-spirited animal control officer (John Cassini) in this heart-tugging, entertaining, family-oriented, star-studded (Wes Studi, Barry Watson, and Patrick Gallagher), 102-minunte film based on W. Bruce Cameron’s bestselling novel and highlighted by gorgeous cinematography and scenery, the tenacious mutt spends 2-1/2 years on a dangerous, adventurous, 400-mile journey to return home and along the way befriends a mountain lion cub, saves a man who was buried in an avalanche, runs into hungry coyotes, and stays with a lonely, homeless man (Edward James Olmos).





“The Dhamma Brothers” (NR) (3) [DVD only]Treatment Director Dr. Ron Cavanaugh, Warden Stephen Bullard, and corrections officers Reynaldo Harris and Mitchell Ethridge, and security personnel Lt. Glenn Martin and Sgt. Joel Gilbert are interviewed in this fascinating and informative, 66-minute, 2008 documentary that focuses on several inmates, including Rick Smith, Benjamin Oryang, Grady Bankhead, and Edward Johnson, at the Donaldson Correctional Facility in Tessemer, Al, who participated an experimental Buddhist meditation program called Vipassana Meditation.


“Duplicity” (PG-13) (3) [Language and some sexual content.] [DVD only] — Paranoia and double-crosses run rampant in this convoluted, hair-raising, 125-minute, 2009 espionage thriller in which two rival, globetrotting, love-struck spies (Julia Roberts and Clive Owen) join forces to pull a scam on two cantankerous, high-powered, adversarial businessmen (Tom Wilkinson and Paul Giamatti).


“Idiots and Angels” (NR) (2.5[DVD only]A dark, convoluted, imaginative, 78-minute, 2008 Bill Plympton animated comedy about a cigarette-smoking, hotheaded, mean-spirited businessman who is harassed every morning by a chirping bird and an incessant alarm clock and eventually, to his anger and dismay, he sprouts a pair of wings after a butterfly grows out of his head.


“Miss March” (R) (.5) [Strong crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language, and some drug use.] [DVD only]  — Foul language, raunchy bathroom jokes, and crude humor dominate this over-the-top, groan-inducing, 90-minute, 2009 comedy about a virginal high school student (Zach Cregger) in North Carolina who wakes up from a 4-year coma and ends up on a cross-country road trip with his immature, Playboy-obsessed best friend (Trevor Moore), who has left his epileptic girlfriend (Molly Stanton), to find the Playboy centerfold (Raquel Alessi) to whom he was suppose to lose his virginity on prom night.


“Race to Witch Mountain” (PG) (2.5) [Sequences of action and violence, frightening and dangerous situations, and some thematic elements.] [DVD only] — An action-packed, fast-paced, family-friendly, entertaining, cameo-studded (Garry Marshall and Cheech Marin), 98-minute, 2009 Walt Disney remake of the 1975 film about an ex-con taxi driver (Dwayne Johnson) in Las Vegas and a UFO-savvy scientist (Carl Gugino) who befriend alien siblings (AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig) when they are doggedly pursued by a DoD official (Ciarán Hinds) and his cronies (Tom Everett Scott and Chris Marquette) and a tenacious killer machine from their home planet, which is 3,000 light years from Earth.


“Sunshine Cleaning” (R) (2) [Language, disturbing images, some sexuality, and drug use.] [DVD only] — A driven Albuquerque housecleaner (Amy Adams) forms a biohazard and crime cleaning service with her unemployed sister (Emily Blunt) with the encouragement of her widowed, eccentric father (Alan Arkin) and the support of a married cop (Steve Zahn) and the one-armed owner (Clifton Collins, Jr.) of a cleaning supply store in this wacky, unusual, 98-minute, 2008 film when she needs money to send her troubled, imaginative, 8-year-old son (Jason Spevack) to private school.

Film Critic Wendy Schadewald reviewed films in the Twin Cities since 1986, and has been a guest critic on KARE-11’s Showcase Minnesota, WCCO radio, and AMC-950 radio. She reviews more than 250 films annually and has been a film buff for as long as she can remember. To see more of her film reviews, log on to shortredheadreelreviews.com.

©1986 through 2019 by Wendy Schadewald.

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