10-12 Rainy Monday On The Way, Then Warmer

It feels almost like winter has hit a month or two early, but it’s only mid-October, and we’re only talking 30s for *lows* instead of highs. It’s all relative in Minnesota.

Here’s what we’ve got going on the next couple of days:


Today we’re waiting for rain – so enjoy it.  Lots of sunshine, and lots of wind. One of the “good” fall days for windsurfers at Lake Calhoun.

Overnight and into tomorrow things will start to change.


When we say “rain tomorrow” – we are not kidding.  At least one larger wave, and possibly several small to medium waves of rain will move in throughout the day. Check out this model image for midday Monday:



See that green over Minnesota? That is our rain. It brings great weather, though, as it lifts away from us.

Check out our 7-day forecast:


Doesn’t Thursday look amazing? Our average high for this time of year is 61 degrees, so thankfully we get a few days either near or above that mark this week.

The trend is pretty nice, too.  The European model is showing even more warming for us than the long-term American model (known as the GFS).  Here is the set-up for later this week: BLOGIMAGE

That’s the jetstream, and if you follow that yellow arrow toward Minnesota, what you see is a “ridge” of high pressure.  That ridge allows warmth up into our neck of the woods, and will make it much more comfortable.  Want to see some evidence of that? Just check out this image, showing forecasted temperatures for midweek at about a mile up in the atmosphere:


While not spectacular (we’re talking 60s, not 80s), the warming is still very present. Those yellows and oranges you see on the map indicate some above-freezing temps a mile up, and that is a good sign after some significantly cooler weather we’ve been seeing!

Enjoy the warmth! With some luck, we could hit 70 degrees in Minneapolis by Thursday!

~Meteorologist Aaron Shaffer @AaronShafferWX



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